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Guitar warm up exercises -

There are many reasons why guitar warm up exercises and stretches are beneficial to your health and guitar playing in general. Warm up exercises help to create better blood flow to the hands, arms, shoulders and back and promote greater dexterity also allowing a better position to be developed while playing. Often posture and comfort are compromised when playing the guitar simply because no attention is given to the body while playing or because the body is contorted around the instrument putting strain on the neck, back and spine. By taking the time to do these exercises before playing, you will...

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Guitar tuition, How to, Store news, Teach yourself guitar -

Teach yourself how to play guitar by making sure your posture is correct from the very beginning.

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Guitar ergonomics, Guitar pain, Healthy guitar technique, Store news -

Mundo Guitar Support & Mundo Guitar Strap reviewed by Dr Javier Corroto Arance,  classical guitar teacher and health professional, expert in health and well being for guitarists.

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