Guitar Shoulder Pain

Guitar Shoulder Pain

Guitar shoulder pain can be brought on for a number of reasons. If you play for long periods and suffer from guitar shoulder pain consider shortening the length of playing time and taking more breaks in between playing. Get a comfort guitar strap which allows for better posture and pain free use – see The Mundo Guitar Strap here. Posture has a lot to do with creating shoulder pain from playing the guitar. Make sure you are not holding your body or your guitar in an uncomfortable playing position. Often a habit of playing in a certain position has built up over a number of years and it can take time to remedy a poor playing posture and position. Here are a few tips to help with the problem:

    1. Video yourself playing from different angles and check your posture. It is probably causing much of the problem.
    2. Look for the position of the strap and guitar and the angle of your shoulders
    3. Are you sitting/standing with a straight back.
    4. Develop your posture when sitting standing and walking to help eliminate poor playing position through bad posture.

Guitar shoulder pain can also be caused simply from the repetition of playing the guitar. Make sure you take plenty of breaks and that you take appropriate exercises to promote full joint and back dexterity. Back and shoulder stretching exercises are recommended to help promote full movement, create and promote blood flow and to avoid limiting movement through under-use of muscles and joints. Playing position Many musicians complain about shoulder problems after years of playing having a standard strap over one shoulder and draping the right arm over the guitar. Although this won’t necessarily disappear overnight, it is possible to change the position of playing to evenly distribute the weight of the guitar across the shoulders and around the waist. For larger guitars this can be a problem especially, simply because of the awkwardness of the instrument. The Mundo Guitar Strap offers a simple solution by distributing the weight of a guitar evenly over both shoulders, rather than draping the full weight over only one shoulder. This allows for a better playing position without the strap dictating where the guitar should be held. By alleviating the shoulder pressure and altering the weight distribution, The Mundo Guitar Strap helps solve the problem of guitar shoulder pain. The connection point of the strap also helps by holding the guitar on its center of weight, rather than the traditional strap which holds the guitar on either side, effectively pinning it in place, forcing you to mold to it. Conversely the The Mundo Strap allows for a much more dexterous playing position, with much less stress on the body. This in turn allows not only a better playing position, but more freedom and dexterity while playing. The strap can also be adjusted easily while playing – even with one hand, giving the option of moving equipment and even changing instruments without removing the strap. The socket joint holding the strap to the guitar has also been carefully designed to allow maximum movement and dexterity, without compromising on safety.

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