Air Pannier FAQs

AirPannier fitting guide

 Will the Air Pannier carry double basses?

Good question. Unless your double bass has a hard case, then we wouldn't recommend carrying it. With a soft case, the upper strap on the Air Pannier would most likely damage the bridge saddle. 

What are the velcro patches for?

The velcro protector patches have two purposes: Firstly, to protect guitar cases from scratches; and secondly to protect the pannier rack and carabiners from scratching each other.

Can I use my Air Pannier over the top of a regular pannier?

Yes it is possible to stack the Air Panniers both over themselves and over regular panniers. Watch our 8 Guitars on a Bicycle video. It takes double stacking to the extreme. 

Does the Air Pannier use a net or webbing at the bottom?

The video was made with an earlier version of the 'Air Pannier' in which you see webbing straps supporting the guitar at the bottom. We decided to change this to a thick and durable net as it offered more advantages to the overall product and at the moment less expensive to manufacture.

My bike has disc brakes, will this be a problem with rubbing?

We have tested the Air Pannier with bicycles fitted with disc brakes and found no problems. My own Ridgeback Pannier has excellent discs fitted. We have had no problems here with extensive testing (as seen in the video), however, it's not possible to test every scenario and set up to be absolutely sure. The same is true of the derailleur side, but what I can say with absolute confidence, if you are un-happy with and unable to use your Air Pannier as you expect to, then you will receive the full refund as per terms & conditions ie. undamaged.

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