Mundo Guitar Support FAQ

Will the sucker cups work with matte, satin or shellac (French polished) guitars?

For shellac French Polished guitars we’ve yet to find a perfect solution as there are quite a few variables to consider. Some luthiers fill the wood grain pockets before polishing and this creates a reasonable surface the sucker cups to take to, considerably slowing the passage of air through the wood. If this process has not been done, then the surface is unlikely to support cups for longer periods and therefore we cannot recommend this idea.

For matte, satin and shellac finishes it is possible to use self adhesive plastic sheets i.e. Static Vinyl, Sticky back Plastic or heavier flamenco golpeadors. These provide a good, scratch free and shiny adhesive surface for the sucker cups to hold. N.B. the downside if needing to remove either is having to clean off the glue residue. 'Sticky Stuff Remover' is very useful for this and does a good job.

Will the Mundo Support work with Fender guitars?

Fender Guitars: Most Fender guitars have a neck plate and also a plastic cover panel on the back of their guitars. The attachment head can just be fitted in between the two. This limits positioning of the Mundo Guitar Support although removing the plastic cover plate can allow a little more room to manoever on some models. 

Some customers have asked us to make longer legs for their Mundo Guitar Supports to achieve the required playing position. We're more than happy to do this although it will delay dispatch by a couple of days.

My guitar is very heavy, will the Mundo Supportwork with it?

ergonomic guitar support. The Mundo Guitar Support being used on the right leg with heavy Les Paul guitar.

Using the Mundo Support with heavy guitars on the right leg:

Positioning the guitar on the right leg is a great position when you’ve mastered it. Watch the Mundo Support video carefully. Heavier guitars exert a greater twisting force on the attachment head. To avoid any detachment use your ’bout tether’ to give extra support to counteract this force. 

ergonomic guitar support. The Mundo Guitar Support being used on the right leg with heavy Les Paul guitar.

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