Carrying Boxes on a Bike Large or Small With Airpannier.

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Carrying Boxes on a Bike Large or Small With Airpannier.

Like many cyclists, I usually have one regular pannier bag permanently attached to Regular pannier fitted to one side.
one side of the rear pannier rack. Great for carrying a spare tube, multitool, pump and just about anything else that'll fit. To be honest, mine has become a bit of a shed, old lights, brackets, books etc. A dumping place. I even discovered a couple of mouldy apples the other week, yuk! Being very light and tight on space, this is a great home for your Airpannier. From here, you can carry on in your organised or chaotic pannier way with the confidence, when you need to carry something your regular pannier can't handle, you have you Airpannier on standby.


Here's a useful tip for rigging your Airpannier when some miscreant box refuses to fit in your regular pannier:Box too big to fit in regular pannier.



Rig your Airpannier in the way you see in this picture:

How to carry boxes on a bike large or small. Airpannier

    • Insert box and adjust height;
    • Take a stitch in the middle of the top edge of the pannier net with top strap;

    • Clip up;

    • Pull tight.

    • Tuck your ends away.

    Using the Airpannier in this way allows you to carry the not so big but too big for your regular pannier things. If you make any discoveries yourself, then send in your pictures and we'll post them in our gallery.

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