How To Carry a Cello on a Bicycle

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How To Carry a Cello on a Bicycle

We designed the Airpannier to carry guitars on bicycles and were pleased to discover it could also carry cellos and so much more. We wanted an ergonomic solution that didn't involve carrying anything on the rider's back (sweaty, uncomfortable & neck aching) particularly in hot weather. The design needed to be something that didn't involve modifying the bicyicle or instrument case, that was safe, rugged, quick & easy to use. After much prototyping and testing the 'Airpannier' was born.


Airpannier is an awesome, tough solution tested to a massive 140kg, much more than you'll ever need, giving you peace of mind. It's easy to adjust your cello to an optimum position for a very comfortable and safe ride.


When not in use, you can easily leave the Airpannier attached (see Airpannier Guide) or simply carry it as back up in your regular pannier. Even better, you can keep it in your jacket pocket. It's very light at 226g, around quarter the weight of an average pannier. It's also light on your pocket too at £34.50. Here' the full spec:


  • Weight: 226g - 1/4 the weight of an average pannier.

  • A pocket pannier-fits in your pocket.

  • Tested to an impressive 140kg.

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • Fully adjustable for safe & optimum riding position.

  • Fits both sides of bicycle.

  • No modification needed to bicycle or carried item.

  • Rugged weather proof design.

  • Can double stack items.


The Mundo Air Pannier - lightweight, durable and strong.

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