Bicycle pannier for carrying guitars, cellos, rucksacks, surfboards wheelie bags and other large objects. Airpannier."I was looking for a way to carry my guitar on my bike. Your solution is nice and simple and suits me because I like everything to be light since I am quite small and not all that strong. Thank you Mundo Music Gear." Rebecca Cartwright

"I’ve been using the Air Pannier for a while now and I’ve found it to be an invaluable piece of equipment for my bike. I mainly used it to carry my 6 string bass to rehearsals and gigs, but I also found I could use it for medium sized pedal board as well as doing the shopping. By adding a large stuff sack, this turned the Air Pannier into a normal pannier, but without the fear of leaving a nice set of panniers on my bike whilst leaving it locked up in a busy city centre for hours at a time. We also managed to put a pair of conga drums in them. I found the Air Pannier to be a really great, lightweight, theft and stress free way to carry big stuff on my bike. I’m very glad to have run into Paul, the designer of the product. Thanks Mundo Music Gear." Ash Sager - bass guitarist

“Top marks for innovation”Acoustic Guitar Magazine.