David Stanley Mundo Strap & Support Testimonial

David Stanley Mundo Strap & Support Testimonial

I have been using both the Mundo Guitar Support & strap for just over a year now. Over that period I have used it in public and in practice to play on several different types of guitar, a standard concert classical guitar, an electric classical guitar by Godin, a custom made electric guitar by Hugh Manson, a baroque guitar and a vihuela.

About fifteen years ago I had to give up playing classical guitar because of RSI & sport injuries to my right arm.

Thanks to the strap and the support I can now play classical guitar in public again. I play acoustic classical guitar regularly in a crowded restaurant. The strap allows me to perform both sitting down and while walking around the tables. (It can be quite hairy dodging the diners and waiters.)

The strap has held my guitar firmly & safely despite being walked into by waiters & diners, chairs being pushed back onto the guitar and me occasionally being ‘groped’ by drunken women as I play. That last can be quite disconcerting.

A very good pair of products. Every guitarist should use them.

David Stanley – Performer & teacher

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