Customer Review by David Bima

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Customer Review by David Bima

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Having had to work through chronic RSI in my forearms and left shoulder, I have tried most guitar supports and was using the Gitano support before finding the Mundo support and trying it out.  The Gitano support definitely works ok, but Mundo wins hands down in all ways: the suckers are far better quality and stay on more reliably but it still feels 'dynamic' and not like you're locked into one position,  and the variety of playing positions one can achieve with the Mundo support is amazing.  I played around with a Flamenco sort of position but that still had me in a position my body didn't like, so I've found myself playing in the 'Classical' position one would get if the left foot was on a stool. I play a Grand Auditorium steel-string with a large lower bout, so I find that it is impossible to get this optimal position without my Mundo support.  I also use the Mundo on my nylon string classical guitar and it is brilliant.  The build quality and attention to detail is impressive and I love how secure it feels, whilst still allowing me to move or tilt the guitar forwards and backwards as I want to.  It even allows the guitar to ever so gently move when I breath in and out! I cannot over-recommend this guitar support, not just for pros but amateurs like me, regardless of whether you're recovering from RSI or not. Good playing position is essential, especially as you get on on life, like middle-aged blokes like me, where you have to take care of yourself more than when you were young. The Mundo automatically puts me into a healthy, comfortable playing position that has helped all but remove my RSI and I expect to be using it for decades to come.


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