Welcome to Mundo Music Gear

The home of innovative ergonomic supports & straps for guitars. Hi, introducing the Mundo guitar-support and Mundo guitar-strap. We are a family company hand making the world’s finest ergonomic guitar support system, designed for players to enjoy pain free playing sitting or standing.Click here for testimonials by virtuoso guitarist Martin Taylor and recording artist Thomas Dolby.

Mundo Guitar Strap
* Instant relief for neck, back or shoulder pain
* Universal & holds 13kg/28lbs (3 Les Pauls)
* Instant guitar attached height adjustment
* No need for strap buttons
* Wear invisible & Zz Top spin
Mundo Guitar Support
* Instant relief for neck, back or shoulder pain
* Dynamic & universal
* Instant neck adjust through 180 degrees
* Stows in case or gig bag
* Made of wood and works with Mundo strap

All Mundo Music products are hand made in the UK. Patent applied for.

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