Mundo Strap for Maximum Comfort

Mundo Strap Set Up for Maximum Comfort This top comfort set up was sent in by Michael Young using his new Mundo Strap on a flamenco guitar. I’ve recreated it on a Les Paul guitar, see below. With the aluminium sucker attachment head on the forward lower bout, the straps ride even wider on the shoulder blades and further away from the neck muscles. With the Mundo Strap’s unique even weight distribution, this is incredibly comfortable and highly recommended. Combining this configuration and the waist belt tucking method, as seen in the sketch, this is ultimately the most comfortable way to strap a guitar. Excellent! Thanks Michael. Buckle Belt technique: I don’t know why we didn’t try this idea sooner with the Mundo Strap, it seems really obvious now and I expect many of our customers have already tried it. I explored the idea when creating an attachment solution for a good friend who wanted to use the Mundo Strap on his hefty tuba, fed up with neck ache. Method: NB. If you’re going to stick with this method, then it’s a good idea to remove the buckles; turn the strap over and refit. This means you’ll avoid a twist in the strap when it’s on. It may seem a little fussy for sure, but if you can spread the weight of your guitar even further, it’s definitely worth it, the comfort is amazing. My tuba-playing friend Sam is much happier now, and I’m grateful to him for waking me up a little here.