Review of Mundo Guitar Support System by Dedicated Guitarist Anne Spence

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I can’t recommend the highly versatile strap enough for anyone who, like me, has suffered left hand and wrist injuries. It’s enabled me to achieve the exact position – that is a much more vertical neck - that a specialist musicians physio has recommended. It took a bit of experimenting but now my formerly very painful left hand feels like it’s floating on air and there’s no back pain and hardly any hand/wrist pain, even with a heavy telecaster. I thought I was going to have to stop playing but now it’s onwards and upwards !! This new supported position has taken all the tension out of the left arm, and thus released the hand stress. Very supportive and friendly customer service too ! I live in France and they had no hesitation in sending the system to me. Believe me, I’m busy spreading the word amongst the French! !

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