“Top marks for innovation”Acoustic Guitar Magazine.
I have been using the leg support & neck strap for just over a year now. Over that period I have used it in public and in practice to play on several different types of guitar, a standard concert classical guitar, an electric classical guitar by Godin, a custom made electric guitar by Hugh Manson, a baroque guitar and a vihuela. About fifteen years ago I had to give up playing classical guitar because of RSI & sport injuries to my right arm. Thanks to the strap and the support I can now play classical guitar in public again. I play acoustic classical guitar regularly in a crowded restaurant. The strap allows me to perform both sitting down and while walking around the tables. (It can be quite hairy dodging the diners and waiters.) The strap has held my guitar firmly & safely despite being walked into by waiters & diners, chairs being pushed back onto the guitar and me occasionally being ‘groped’ by drunken women as I play. That last can be quite disconcerting. A very good pair of products. Every guitarist should use them. David Stanley – Performer & teacher
Hey Martinez, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I love the strap!! It’s exactly what I was hoping for. After some messing around I was able to fit it in a way that works for me with the main suction cups on the back and two on the sides of my classical guitar. It’s comfortable and holds the guitar in a great position, it’s like no other strap I’ve seen for a classical guitar. Brilliant!! Cheers to you Paul! Thanks again. Thane Lenig – Classical guitarist USA
“I’ve been trialling your strap for a while now and the pain in my shoulder has lessened dramatically. It has really helped when using my tele and I can play for much longer without discomfort.” Jack Herzberg – guitarist UK.
“I’ve tried everything but this is great, you’ve made my Peerless guitar seem weightless and relieved my back pain. Thanks Martinez” Martin Taylor – virtuoso jazz guitarist.
“I wanted to spin my keyboard like Zz Top. A brilliant idea and thanks.” Thomas Dolby – producer and recording artist.
Hi Paul, I received the Guitar support and am very happy with it. I had the problem with my guitar having a very matte, almost no finish on it, with the usual problem of suction cups not sticking to it. I put a thick 0.5 mm sheet of clear plastic on the back with high tack double stick tape. I found the thicker and more rigid the plastic the better the cups stick to it. Thin clear plastic conforms to the surface too much and transfers all the slight bumps and dips in the wood that allow air to escape and inhibit a strong suction hold. The hold is very firm and secure. Just thought I would pass my experience on.. might help others who have very matte finishes on their guitar backs. Thanks for inventing a simple product that works beautifully. Cheers, Steven Moore
What a great idea, after testing the support for two 3 hour orchestral sessions followed by a performance, I discovered it works really really well. The key factor for me is being able to bring the baroque guitar high enough as it is much smaller than a modern guitar. Your design allows for a significant tolerance of movement in all dimensions, essential in this situation. The switch to modern guitar was equally effortless, and as I’m quite tall (6’2″) the flexibility of positioning is crucial. Steven Gordon – performer, teacher and music publisher.
I must say, having used the Mundo strap for a few months now, I do find it a help for my back. It is also useful when swapping guitars on a gig (electric to acoustic), which is why I got the extra suction things for the other guitars. Robin Walter – Guitarist UK
“Martinez, you’ve nailed it! This is the one, it does everything you said it would and more. Cheers fella.” Mick Jaques – guitar teacher, West Yorkshire.
“The Mundo Guitar strap does what its maker Paul Martin says, ZZ Top spins and all. Other products were disappointing so I’m grateful for something that works and reduces my chronic player’s neck pain. Ergonomic design comfortably redistributes weight over both shoulders, transforming the playing experience. The cotton strap means no more nylon webbing burn. Non-invasive,? no alterations to guitar. Clever guitar attachment for secure, quick changes. At gigs I trust my Dave King, National and PRS to the Mundo Strap.” Mad Dog Dave Barnes – blues singer and slide guitar player, Enfield.
“Well done Martinez! Your Mundo Guitar Support is far more flexible than anything I’ve ever seen or used. I’m sure guitarists over the world have different positions, your support will cover them all. Brilliant idea that it works with a strap too. Having used several other devices I find the Mundo Support: more comfortable and quick to use; it feels safer; it looks better; it’s made in wood and there’s far less risk to surface damage on your guitar from metal edges; it packs away easily; it’s easier to use on more than one guitar, just have an additional ‘sucker head’.” Richard Langdon – guitar student, Durham.

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