Review of Mundo Guitar Support & Strap

A review of the Mundo Guitar Support & Strap by Dr Javier Corroto Arance,  classical guitar teacher and health professional, expert in health and well being for guitarists. La Salud Del Guitarrista.Mundo Guitar Support:

    The Mundo Guitar Support achieves our greatest goal, to achieve a comfortable playing position where both hips are maintained at the same height. This is the best posture to avoid any lower back injuries and pains to the guitarist. The support is very easy to use, comfortable and the guitar is supported with an interesting tilt that makes it easier to see and reach any fret position. It is well adapted to the leg, very stable and, in my view, very importantly, can be used by all guitarists: flamenco; classical; acoustic and electric. I can recommend the Mundo Guitar Support as one of the main supports for maintaining healthy ergonomic posture for any guitar. Mundo Guitar Strap:    I am completely satisfied with the healthy posture achievable by this product. It is so important to have a bilateral distribution of weight over a guitarist’s back for healthy playing. This is undoubtedly the best way to play any kind of guitar while standing. With a little practise, the guitar can be positioned with different height and tilt, this is very important to avoid wrist injuries. Using the different tethers supplied, it is possible to achieve an exact and ergonomic position with even weight distribution, so much better than traditional straps. I think it’s very comfortable, and when you want to take a break, you only need to disengage the guitar. I recommend the Mundo Guitar Strap as the best and healthiest way to hold any guitar whilst standing. I have two small criticisms:

  • With my Fender guitar it wasn’t easy to find enough space to fit the sucker attachment head.
  • The small black plugs in the sucker attachment can fall out from time to time. Perhaps they are too small.
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How To Teach Yourself Guitar

So you’ve bought your guitar and now you’re wondering how to teach yourself guitar…Firstly you need to realize that this is a long term plan and will take some time. Depending on your musical ability and whether you can read music, you can determine what is needed for you to get started. There are various courses on the internet which you can join or thousands of videos on YouTube to help you learn. However a good start would be to get yourself a beginners guide. Have a look on Amazon for a beginners guide to the guitar and this will be your best starting point. What you will learn Most beginners guides will give you the basic chords and show you where to place your fingers and how to hold the guitar. Get into the habit of practicing your scales daily and this will help you develop the ability to move from one chord/note position to another. Have a goal in mind If you have a particular piece of music in mind, make it a goal to learn that tune. Some people can learn an instrument simply by ear and by making mistakes and fumbling through the various notes until they find the right ones. Through repetition they can eventually play a tune which is familiar to them. For others it takes a lot of practice and patience before they can play anything recognizable. Assessing your ability before starting will give you an idea of what is achievable and help you to realize your necessary realistic action steps. Your goal could be something simpler like learning a first chord or playing a scale. Once you have achieved something simple, it will give you the motivation to continue learning. Get a Guitar Tuner Make sure your guitar is in tune by getting yourself a guitar tuner. These are available from Amazon and are relatively inexpensive. Tuning your guitar is a good way to get to know the notes and learn what it should sound like. Schedule a daily routine By doing some practice on a daily basis and working through the exercises and pieces in your beginners guide, you can start to gain some momentum and begin to develop your ability. Once you start learning to read music from your guide you can look out for other pieces of music which you would like to learn. Finding music you like to learn is a good motivational tool to help you continue learning. Continue practicing your scales and running through the basics. Learning the guitar by yourself has its limits and you can develop some bad habits without realizing. If possible it is a good idea to get yourself a guitar teacher to help you eliminate bed habits and develop your guitar playing to the next level. It can also act as a motivator, giving you the nudge to keep practicing and doing your ‘homework’ ready for the next session! How to hold your guitar Paco Seco using his new Mundo Strap. The position of your guitar can effect how you play and it is important to be comfortable while playing. Avoid slumping over your guitar and leaning, which puts pressure on your shoulders, neck and back. After long periods this can cause problems so make sure you take regular breaks and do guitar warm up exercises and stretches before playing, and warm down exercises after playing. Your posture when holding the guitar is important not only for your comfort of playing, but also for your overall health. Find a comfort strap which helps you find a good holding position. The Mundo Guitar Strap is designed for comfort and dexterity and allows a better playing position and posture. Take regular breaks from playing and pay attention to your posture and position while playing to avoid strain. mundo guitar support thumb 03   

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Guitar Warm Up Exercises and Stretches

There are many reasons why guitar warm up exercises and stretches are beneficial to your health and guitar playing in general. Warm up exercises help to create better blood flow to the hands, arms, shoulders and back and promote greater dexterity also allowing a better position to be developed while playing. Often posture and comfort are compromised when playing the guitar simply because no attention is given to the body while playing or because the body is contorted around the instrument putting strain on the neck, back and spine. By taking the time to do these exercises before playing, you will help to improve your comfort and health and avoid guitar related pains. Here is a quick list of areas to cover in your guitar warm up with appropriate stretches. Working a routine into your guitar playing session will help to reduce any muscle cramps, niggles or poor posture habits. Getting a comfortable guitar strap is also a good way to improve your posture and eliminate poor posture and position related problems. See The Mundo Guitar Strap here.

  • Finger stretches and massage. The hands and fingers have to contort and press on the strings which can create strain. Make sure you warm up by massaging the whole area of each hand in turn with the finger tips of the other hand. Get in between the knuckles and really massage heavily for a good 5 minutes. Stretch the fingers backwards individually and all together working the wrist in all directions. This will improve blood flow and increase dexterity, allowing better hand positions and more comfort. Take time to do this before and while playing.
  • Upper back and shoulders. Holding your guitar around the neck and ‘hunching’ over it can result in back problems and a poor posture. Take each arm in turn and with other hand grab the elbow, rotating the shoulder in every direction.guitar warm up exercisesLook up and back as far as you can from either a sitting or standing position. Shrug your shoulders forwards, backwards and then up and down. From standing clasp your hands together over your head and stretch upwards as far as possible. Look up and back stretching from your lower back.

guitar warm up exercises and stretches

  • Lower back and hips. Sitting on a chair take your right hand and place on your left knee. Looking over your left shoulder twist as far as possible placing your left hand behind you. Do the same on the other side. Bend forwards as far as possible placing your head between your legs. Hold each position for 20 seconds. Look up and backwards from standing placing your hands in a ‘diving’ position.guitar warm up exercises and stretches

\r\nOther considerations It is also worth noting that proper diet and exercise will be hugely beneficial for proper functioning of the muscles and joints. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise will increase the onset of problematic joint pain from guitar playing. Take regular breaks from playing the guitar and maintain good posture and a relaxed position while playing. It can be beneficial to record your playing posture with a video camera to see if poor posture might be causing any problems. Use an ergonomic guitar strap which helps to maintain good posture and offer a better playing position – reducing strain.

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Guitar Shoulder Pain

Guitar shoulder pain can be brought on for a number of reasons. If you play for long periods and suffer from guitar shoulder pain consider shortening the length of playing time and taking more breaks in between playing. Get a comfort guitar strap which allows for better posture and pain free use – see The Mundo Guitar Strap here. Posture has a lot to do with creating shoulder pain from playing the guitar. Make sure you are not holding your body or your guitar in an uncomfortable playing position. Often a habit of playing in a certain position has built up over a number of years and it can take time to remedy a poor playing posture and position. Here are a few tips to help with the problem:

  1. Video yourself playing from different angles and check your posture. It is probably causing much of the problem.
  2. Look for the position of the strap and guitar and the angle of your shoulders
  3. Are you sitting/standing with a straight back.
  4. Develop your posture when sitting standing and walking to help eliminate poor playing position through bad posture.
  5. \

\Guitar shoulder pain can also be caused simply from the repetition of playing the guitar. Make sure you take plenty of breaks and that you take appropriate exercises to promote full joint and back dexterity. Back and shoulder stretching exercises are recommended to help promote full movement, create and promote blood flow and to avoid limiting movement through under-use of muscles and joints. guitar shoulder painPlaying position Many musician complain about shoulder problems after years of playing having a standard strap over one shoulder and draping the right arm over the guitar. Although this won’t necessarily disappear overnight, it is possible to change the position of playing to evenly distribute the weight of the guitar across the shoulders and around the waist. For larger guitars this can be a problem especially, simply because of the awkwardness of the instrument. The Mundo Guitar Strap offers a simple solution by distributing the weight of a guitar evenly over both shoulders, rather than draping the full weight over only one shoulder. This allows for a better playing position without the strap dictating where the guitar should be held. By alleviating the shoulder pressure and altering the weight distribution, The Mundo Guitar Strap helps solve the problem of guitar shoulder pain. The collection point of the strap also helps by holding the guitar on its center of weight, rather than the traditional strap which holds the guitar on either side, effectively pinning it in place, forcing you to mold to it. Conversely the The Mundo Strap allows for a much more dexterous playing position, with much less stress on the body. This in turn allows not only a better playing position, but more freedom and dexterity while playing. The strap can also be adjusted easily while playing – even with one hand, giving the option of moving equipment and even changing instruments without removing the strap. The socket joint holding the strap to the guitar has also been carefully designed to allow maximum movement and dexterity, without compromising on safety. Take a further look at The Mundo Guitar Strap here and order today.

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Extra Long Guitar Strap

There are many reasons why an extra long guitar strap is desirable. For one it can be used for larger instruments such as the Double Bass, and for taller musicians a ‘generic’ strap can often be too short, causing an uncomfortable playing position and limiting movement. An extra long strap can also allow the musician greater movement to adjust other equipment while playing. The Mundo guitar strap offers the dexterity needed with its extra long strap which can be adjusted to accommodate most suitable instruments. The strap is designed to allow greater flexibility of movement and give a more comfortable playing position to the musician. Its ergonomic design allows the weight of the instrument to be spread over the shoulders and around the waist, reducing discomfort and helping to avoid and eliminate guitar back pain. Extra Long Guitar Strap The Mundo guitar strap also allows for adjustment, even while playing, which makes it more suitable for using other equipment such as a microphone stand, for example, during a performance. It can even be removed from its strap in mid set, to change between instruments, leaving the strap in place. This can be especially useful for multi instrument use and the awkwardness of changing over guitars, or other instruments during a performance can be eliminated. Ergonomic Design Not only does the Mundo strap’s ergonomic design allow for a more comfortable guitar use, it also allows the player to find a better guitar position and therefore develop a more comfortable playing posture. The strap doesn’t hang around the neck and the pick point can be set by you to hold the guitar around the center of the guitars balance point, allowing even greater control and dexterity while playing. The strap connector has a ball and socket joint which allows for further movement and this gives a much more connected playing position than the standard ‘two point strap buttons’ of a conventional strap either side of the guitar body. A conventional guitar strap also hangs around the neck and restricts the movement of the musician and the guitar. Not only does it inhibit movement, but it also can have long terms effects on the playing position and posture of the musician. ZZ Top Guitar Spin The Mundo Guitar Strap also allows a ‘ZZ Top guitar spin’ – showcasing its versatility! This is a great show piece for entertainers and performers but also highlights the freedom and dexterity which the strap offers. Take a look at the Mundo Guitar strap in the video below, being showcased by Paul Martinez, its developer and pioneer, who has a patent applied for on the design of this incredibly versatile strap. buy now button

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How To Attach A Guitar Strap

If you’re wondering how to attach a guitar strap, there are a couple of ways to do this with a normal guitar strap. Usually a basic guitar strap must be attached with strap buttons which you either need to buy or which are already provided with your guitar. There will usually be a strap button or ‘peg’ on either side of the guitar body to which you simply attach either side of the guitar strap to. Generic Guitar Strap The main problem with the generic guitar strap setup is that it restricts full movement of the body while playing the guitar which can potentially set you up for back problems and poor playing posture. Changing your instrument in the middle of a set, especially for professional musicians, is another problem which can be encountered with the basic guitar strap setup, together with a restriction on movement which allows for altering and using other equipment while holding the guitar. Hanging the guitar strap around the neck can also cause long term neck and shoulder problems as the guitar is quite a heavy instrument, especially if playing for long periods. Added to the weight of the head, and a poor playing position, it is quite common for guitar players to experience back, neck and/or shoulder pain. The Mundo Guitar Strap The Mundo Guitar Strap solves all these problems and does not use strap buttons to attach to the guitar. Instead its patent applied for design attaches to the center of the guitar via a uniquely designed suction cup configuration. The attachment allows for the guitar to be held around its center of balance, giving a greater control over the instrument with less effort. The attachment allows for ease of movement while playing, a full 360 degree spin of the guitar and quick guitar removal for a change of instrument without having to remove the strap itself. The attachment cup offers a secure attachment and the strap clicks securely into place via the attachment cup. When needed it can be quickly and efficiently removed. how to attach a guitar strap Instead of having the strap run over the neck and round the shoulders, potentially causing shoulder, neck and back pain, the Mundo Guitar Strap evenly places the weight of the guitar over the shoulders and around the waist. Its easily adjustable strap offers the ability to alter the position of the guitar, even with one hand, and the setup of the system allows for a greater dexterity of playing position and encourages a better playing posture, reducing and eliminating back, shoulder and neck pain from poor playing posture and strap position. Take a look at the video below which will change the way you view how to attach a guitar strap. Get your Mundo Guitar Strap here today. buy now button 

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Guitar Strap Shoulder Pain

Do you suffer from guitar strap shoulder pain? The position of your guitar strap can limit your body mechanics and restrict movement which will stiffen your playing position and can create long term back, neck and shoulder pain. Often the cause is related to your body position and posture as well as the hanging position and weight distribution of the guitar itself. If you have have been holding your guitar in a awkward position and have created shoulder pain, there are a few things you can do to remedy the situation.

  • Pay attention to your posture. The position of your spine and head will often be the cause of neck and shoulder problems. Make sure your back is upright and your head is not leaning forwards. Use a mirror or video to observe your position when playing.
  • Don’t hang your guitar around the neck. Use the Mundo Guitar Strap which evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders and waist and is connected to the center of balance of the guitar. This allows better posture to be developed and greater freedom of movement.

guitar strap shoulder pain

  • Use a guitar support in conjunction with a strap to take the weight off the problem area.

guitar support

  • Take regular breaks from playing and avoid over extended playing periods.
  • Notice when the pain develops and what position exacerbates it the most. Avoid the position altogether if possible and work on improving posture.
  • Use stretches and exercise to build muscles and endurance. Regularly exercising the problem area with stretches and strength training will improve posture and blood flow making it less susceptible to strain.

Guitar strap shoulder pain can take a long time to develop through poor posture, playing position and a restrictive strap. Any weight placing a strain on the body will have an affect, particularly around the neck and head. Noticing what causes the problem and taking the necessary preventative measures will make a difference. However if the shoulder pain has been built up over a number of years the habit is likely to be a deeply ingrained one and will take some time to shift. Bear in mind that the head is also a heavy weight on its own. If your playing posture is leaning forwards, (even only slightly), you will have the weight of your guitar around your neck and the weight of your head to hold. If you are playing for long periods your chances of developing a neck or shoulder problem are greatly increased if you have a poor playing posture. The Mundo guitar strap offers a great solution to guitar strap shoulder pain by evenly distributing the weight of the guitar around the body allowing for pain free use and better guitar position and body posture.  If your problems persist after observing and practicing the points mentioned here, consider seeing a chiropractor or a GP.  

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Double Shoulder Guitar Strap

The Mundo double shoulder guitar strap allows you to evenly spread the weight of your guitar, not only across your shoulders, but also it distributes the weight around the waist and back avoiding guitar strap shoulder pain. Unlike other double shoulder guitar straps, the Mundo guitar strap also has a patent applied for attachment which removes the need for strap buttons and also allows the perfect balance point to be found on your guitar for the most comfortable positioning. double shoulder guitar strap By evenly spreading the weight of the guitar across the back and shoulders, sharing the weight around the waist and allowing connection to the center of balance of the guitar, the Mundo guitar strap offers the most amount of comfort possible to the guitarist. The strap can also be adjusted on the move easily with one hand and is interchangeable between instruments without having to remove it. This can be useful if you are operating other equipment, microphone stands, leaning over for foot pedal use or simply changing instruments between sets. Many back and shoulder problems result from incorrect posture while playing the guitar and this can be exacerbated or even created by a badly placed and ill fitting guitar strap. Traditional straps simply hang around the neck supported by two strap buttons either side of the guitar. This set-up limits the movement of the instrument and the musician, inhibiting their posture, and placing a strain across the shoulders and back. Over time this can create real problems causing shoulder pain, neck pain and back problems associated with the playing of the guitar. Once the posture has been effectively ‘set’ it can be difficult to ‘un-do’ the posture which has resulted from potentially years of playing. Using a double shoulder guitar strap is a simple step which can lead to a more comfortable playing position and better posture while playing the guitar. If you are correcting a long standing problem which has resulted from poor playing posture then it can take time to adjust your old positional habits. Take a look at the Mundo guitar strap and start enjoying pain free guitar playing today! The Mundo guitar strap is available from our shop and can be delivered worldwide with a 30 day money back guarantee (the customer must pay for return postage). buy now button

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Guitar Back Pain

Many musicians at one time or another suffer from back pain. Guitar related back pain can be attributed to a number of causes including poor posture, poor playing position, over extended playing duration and taking too few breaks. Taking regular breaks from playing the guitar, checking posture and comfort regularly and taking the required back, shoulder and neck exercises can reduce the possibility of a recurring guitar back pain. Sitting or standing posture is particularly important in preventing back problems due to playing the guitar. If you are suffering from back problems from playing the guitar take a look at the following questions:

  1. How far is the guitar from your body? The further away it is the more strain is placed on your shoulders and upper back to support its weight. The closer it is to your body the less stress you are placing on holding it there.
  2. Is your head upright? Leaning over your guitar is in itself going to cause problems. The head is a heavy weight weighting about 10-11 pounds. That’s equivalent of two 5lb bags of sugar. If you are leaning over your guitar, looking at music or even down at your hands, you are placing a strain on the neck. Make sure you are using a stand if you are reading from music and avoid leaning forwards.
  3. Is your back straight? Lower and upper back problems are often caused by bad posture. When you are holding a guitar, even a small lean will be exacerbated by the weight of the guitar. Get someone to check your posture while playing or use a mirror or video camera to check your own. A video camera is better as you will often self-correct your posture when looking in the mirror.
  4. Is the guitar hanging too low? If the guitar is hanging low it will swing when you move placing a greater load on your back and shoulders. Ideally you shouldn’t have to reach for your guitar and it will be in the most comfortable position allowing ease of use and comfort.
  5. Is the guitar strap causing discomfort? A harness which spreads the load of the guitar evenly across the shoulders and waist can reduce a lot of discomfort allowing for more pain free use. The Mundo guitar strap also allows the guitar position to be shifted while in the strap which considerably reduces strain during movement.
guitar back painThe Mundo Guitar Strap
  1. Do you hold tension in your arms and body while playing? Pay attention to how much tension you are using simply holding the guitar and then while playing. Can you relax more? Just observing this will help you to relax more which will ease problems which have built up from holding yourself awkwardly or holding too much tension. Find the easiest playing position which causes the least strain on your body.

You can also consider using a guitar support which takes the weight off your back when playing.

guitar back pain The Mundo Guitar Support

Other factors such as sleep, diet and exercise will also affect guitar back pain to a lesser extent but are still important. If you are already suffering from back pain and have taken the necessary steps to correct the issue then these are other factors to consider. Consider finding yourself a chiropractor if your problems persist.

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Pain Free Guitar Strap

The Mundo pain free guitar strap can change the way you play the guitar by spreading the load evenly across the shoulders and waist, easing shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain resulting from a poor guitar playing position. Most guitar straps have a fixed position and put strain over the shoulders, neck and back. This fixed position can affect the holding position of the guitar and the musician’s general posture, resulting in shoulder, neck or back pain. pain free guitar strap The ergonomic design of the Mundo Guitar Strap allows a pain free guitar playing experience which supports good posture and reduces strain to the upper back region. The strap position can be altered to suit any size and the attachment feature allows the center of the guitar to bear the weight allowing ease of use and greater dexterity. The straps go over the shoulders evenly rather than around the neck and attach around the waist, sharing the weight in the most beneficial way to ease strain and for a more relaxed playing position. The design of the strap allows quick and easy movement of the guitar when necessary and this is particularly useful when adjusting mic stands or other equipment on the fly. The guitar can be easily adjusted up and down when necessary and the ability to place the strap on the guitar’s center of gravity means you have the greatest control of the instrument – even one-handed. The Mundo guitar strap is a great solution for musicians who are experiencing back, neck or shoulder related problems or who wish to avoid them in the future. For anyone who uses a guitar on a regular basis and who cares about looking after their health, there is no better solution. The Mundo guitar strap offers pain free guitar playing, instant relief from neck shoulder and back pain brought about from poor playing position, there is no need for strap buttons, offers height adjustment (with guitar attached), is universally able to attach to many instruments and holds 13Kg/28lbs, offers discrete/invisible strap and can be used to perform the legendary zz top guitar spin. Grab your Mundo Guitar strap here today and have it delivered worldwide. There is a 100% returns policy if returned within 30 days from receipt. (Return shipping is payable by the customer in the case of a refund). So for a pain free guitar playing experience take a look at The Mundo guitar strap in the video below or purchase it from the shop here.

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